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The Harry & Karly Spell Foundation

Technical Center for the Arts

The mission of the Technical Center for the Arts (TC) is to provide funding for research into the domain of technology and the arts. By the utilization of corporate and government grants for engineering and research, necessary for institutional vitality, funding can be provided for innovation in the arts while allowing grantors the opportunity to publicize these efforts has humanitarian largesse. In order for relationships to be encouraged and possibilities to be realized,
a not-for-profit foundation has been established. Under this umbrella it
might very well be possible for all grants to be tax deductible as charitable giving.

In concept, the TC would allow for the creation of a single source for, among others:

1. Investigation of innovative application of materials and technologies
2. Development of new materials and technologies
3. Corporate out-sourcing of engineering
4. A center for technological education for students of the arts
5. Networking between scientists, engineers, corporate management, artists, musicians
6. Business, educational, and artistic symbiosis
7. Maximizing resources for corporate needs
8. Researching the most efficient technologies for governmental rapid proto-typing needs
9. Research into potential symbiosis between engineering and the arts
10. Maximizing communication between universities, corporations, the arts, government, etc.

Each age of every great civilization has been documented through its rich cultural history. Of the great treasures of each age, the arts rank among our most valuable resources for understanding of the past and universal enrichment that follows. It is difficult to imagine the western world, for example, without Bach, Mozart, Rembrandt, Shakespeare, etc. The age in which we live, the "age of uncertainty" is no less important, though in many ways, great artists, composers, etc., are disenfranchised from participation in one of the most significant of the definers of contemporary culture, technology. At the surface, all is available for the arts without undue effort on behalf of its investigators through the media and daily interaction with others. Technology for the creative artist, could take on the significance of Engineering for Leonardo da Vinci, or new mathematical models as they related to the development of a system of harmonic progressions that culminated in the works of Bach. On the present path, art in its diverse forms are largely focused on "pop" culture with little meanning beyond its small moment in history. Immediate profitability and gratification have replaced larger values and focus on artistic merit of a "permanent" nature. To provide a venue for possibilities of enduring cultural values, the Technical Center for the Arts is dedicated.

For more information about the Spell Foundation and the Technical Center for the Arts building plans and where to send contributions, please contact:
Karly Spell


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